About Us

We manage risk for our customers
based on facts, experience and expertise,
enabling them to focus on their core business.


Bramston & Associates provides risk consulting, solutions and services in support of our customers’ missions and transformation. Our information solutions and services help our customers to safeguard their business by mitigating risks, to support critical decision-making to counter global threats, to keep their team informed, equipped, and business-ready, to transform their enterprise to enhance the quality of services to their customers and to modernize their activities to more efficiently meet their business challenges.

Lines of Risk Management


Creating new value through investment, partnership, and nurturing emerging concepts that have the potential for impact on business.


Managing uncertainties of future market values and of the size of the future income, caused by the fluctuation in the prices of commodities.


Maintaining expertise along the full-spectrum of technical innovation to help conceive, design, develop, deploy, and integrate emerging technologies into diverse operational environments.


Working behind the scenes and in the field, fortifying assets, protecting executives, managing risk, and countering threats.


We act as an integral part of our Customers’ Africa business development team
to add value in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Bramston & Associates is a professional services firm headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, with offices in USA, Europe and Africa. Bramston & Associates operates as a security and risk management consultancy and advises corporations, non-profit organisations and public institutions on risk and security issues ranging from strategy development to operations since 2002.


Since its inception, Bramston & Associates’s goals, mission and rules of engagement have never changed. Its objective has remained to bring a limited number of world-class clients a unique competitive edge. Our fidelity guarantee to our customers enables Bramston & Associates to forge with you strong partnerships that can span decades..


The company has a flat hierarchy and each member is assigned a senior member. Bramston & Associates has a de-centralised structure, whereby different offices operate similarly, but independently. Each office put the overall organisation’s best interest before the office’s, which Bramston & Associates refers to as the one community principle.


Our expertise and approach to strategic, compliance, operational, project and extreme risk management has developed over our engagements in a wide range of businesses. You can be assured of relevant, practical and insightful outcomes which are directed to ensuring your business objectives are achieved.


Bramston & Associates has some specific core values and principles.
  • we put the interests of our Customers before our revenues;
  • we do not discuss Customers’ affairs;
  • we tell the truth even if it means challenging the Customer’s opinion;
  • we only perform work that is both necessary and that Bramston & Associates can do well;
  • we guarantee each and every one of our customers the exclusivity of our services in a specified consulting field, thus limiting ourselves to a selected number of clients;
  • we are only working with Customers whom we feel they would follow our advices.

We act as an integral part of our Customers’ Africa business development team to add value in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Risk & Security

Bramston & Associates provides risk and security professionals to help our customers understand and treat their risk and security risks. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion, or to address a specific need. Our team also helps integrate risk and security measures into building designs.

Our consultancy approach is delivered by an experienced and diverse consulting team, supported by our analysts, investigators, instructors and others as needed. For more prolonged projects, Bramston & Associates embeds consultants in client businesses to occupy management, analysis or internal consultancy posts.

As well as programmed consultancy, our risk consultants provide specialist advice to senior managers faced with highly complex and sensitive issues.


Our consultants work with all types of customers, from governments, NGOs and multinationals through medium to small business and private individuals. Strategic security consulting identifies and examines threats and risks to customers and ensures their mitigation strategy is appropriately focused and resourced. We work with senior managers, security directors, CEOs, and others to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet core business aims. This often starts with a strategic risk assessment before developing the executive directive. Bramston & Associates can assist with the production of corporate policies and standards or security schemes and delivery plans for the enterprise.

Security and risk management consultancy is focused on people and implementation. It includes assessing security and risk management, outsourced providers, and operational planning and implementation.


Operational risk consultancy works on the frontline of security delivery at the site or security team level. It will often involve personnel, operational and technical security elements. It balances different measures – human, process, physical, and technical – to ensure that risks are mitigated.

By reviewing a team or physical asset, Bramston & Associates can ensure there are no gaps in security delivery. Our consultants also test existing security measures using a blend of intrusion testing, social engineering, competency reviews, and technical security sweeps to ensure that security is effective and applied appropriately.


Our team effectively becomes yours, as we assign professionals to work with your staff to form an optimum project team that tailors our services to fit your specific requirements.

Our associates and management have extensive experience conducting business in Africa with proven track records of operating successful companies, including startups, manufacturing facilities, professional services, and marketing and sales organisations. Our directors are shareholders in several firms and serve on the Boards of Directors for some of our client companies, demonstrating a commitment to work to ensure their continuing success through active participation in management.

Our management has carefully selected our consultants, research analysts, and administrative staff for their multidisciplinary experience, expertise, and ability to provide value to our clients. Bramston & Associates also retains independent expert consultants, to complement project teams when specific technical knowledge outside of our team’s core competencies is needed.