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We offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, overseas travel to counter-terrorism, close protection and support.

Our customers benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the military, risk and intelligence services, as well as in the police.

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Our officers first and foremost are observers of human behavior. Being able to identify threats and make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of existing measures is what separates a bodyguard from an executive protection specialist. By using proven techniques and practices, our officers are trained to assess threats. Before any operation begins, our command staff is gathering important intelligence and implementing an operational security plan which includes all the essential elements that will fully facilitate our customers needs. Nothing is left to chance. Discretion is essential to any operation and a necessary prerequisite for effective operations.

All of our officers have excellent client management skills and are chosen and assigned based on their years of prior military or law enforcement service with tactical operational backgrounds. Regardless of the assignment every operation is handled with the same care, planning and attention to detail. Whether we are ensuring the safety of a private citizen or a high level VVIP, you can be sure we have done our homework.

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Static Security

Providing a secure working environment when customer’s worksites are geographically dispersed is challenging. We use a variety of positions, including Shift Supervisor, Entry Control Point (ECP) Guards, Watchtower Guards and an Interpreter, to guard our customers’ worksite. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the requirements.

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Mobile Security

Our qualified, trained and experienced mobile security teams enable our customers to move safely and securely in high-risk, uncertain, and hostile environments. Our vehicles and crews are configured to meet the customer’s requirements, within the context of the operating environment. We provide our customers with ground study and route analysis for all movements, and contingency planning.

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Disaster Response

The best means of mitigating damage from any kind of disaster is a pro-active rather than re-active approach. Sometimes, despite planning efforts emergencies do occur, whether they are small scale or catastrophic they can be overwhelming. Our Special Operations personnel are chosen for their knowledge, experience and professionalism in addition to specific skill sets such as prior Combat Medics.

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Executive Protection

For customers requiring more than simple security, we offer personal, professional executive protection services. Contracts range from the protection of world traveling CEOs to on-site support for high-risk business terminations. Trained, experienced Personal Security Details assess threats and keep people safe.

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Convoy Protection

We deliver security for cargo being transported between locations and general movement management. We provide all equipment and services to support the specific requirement of the customer.

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Our K-9 Services provide our customers the ability to deploy patrol, detection, protection and tracking K-9 teams to support their growing need for special security solutions and support.

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Maritime Security Detachment

Our maritime security detachments comprise specialist maritime professionals who are highly experienced in delivering timely and sound tactical decisions without compromising safety, health, or environmental considerations. This enables our customers to conduct their operations in a safe and secure manner.

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Aviation Security Detachment

Our aviation security detachments comprise specialist aviation professionals who deliver timely sound tactical decisions based on more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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Situation Reports

The reports analyse the strategic and tactical risks for companies considering entering or already operating in volatile countries. The reports include a strategic outlook, national summary, and political and commercial analysis. They are created by our expert team of advisers, with information supplemented by our worldwide sources on the ground.

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Our practical, hands-on approach to training is enhanced by years of experience in government, military, police and the corporate risk management industry. Our courses are supported by a robust Training Needs Analysis process to ensure that the training is relevant and, more importantly, related to the environment in which those being trained operate.

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Risk Management Consultancy

Risk Management consultancy packages help our customers to understand and mitigate the risks faced by their organisations. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and enable them to identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks. We have extensive experience in delivering risk management consultancy to both government agencies and commercial organisations.

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Voyage Risk Assessment

We provide assessments of threats through our VRA service. This product provides strategic-level threat advice on four core risks: Political, Crime, Drugs and Stowaways. Other threats to security are considered as and when appropriate and can include such activities as human trafficking, weapons smuggling or local corruption.

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Aerospace and Defense

Supporting defense and aerospace companies, enabling them to conduct daily business, safely, in highly complex environments.

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Critical Infrastructure

Providing relevant, forward-looking intelligence on political and violent risks to large-scale infrastructure projects.

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Understanding the business, operational and security challenges faced by the oil & gas sector. Proven capability in assisting throughout the life cycle of operations.

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Offering a variety of services to help support NGOs and minimise the risk to their employees and the reputation of their organisation.

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Provide a 360 SHIELD patrol and protection service for ships, ports and convoys in the Gulf and West Africa.

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Public Bodies

We may aid diplomatic missions in Africa and the Middle East, including Yemen and Libya.

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Bramston & Associates is a global provider of integrated security and mission support services. We offer comprehensive program management solutions to organisations and public bodies in high risk and complex environments across Africa. Our personnel bring a dynamic combination of expertise and experience to each challenge–delivering long-term, cost-effective programs that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs. Built on a foundation of legal, moral and ethical values, our company is committed to the highest standards of accountability, compliance and quality.

From supply chain management and construction to advisory and mentoring, we deliver full-scale, contingency support services. Our objective is to be your reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives.

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