Requests must be submitted using the contact request form – please do not contact individual e-mail directly.

This enables us to consider your request in the context of other speaking engagements which we have already accepted. Please fill in the form as clearly and accurately as possible – the information will help us to help you. You must include a specific subject as we will decline any requests that state “subject to be confirmed”. If you already have a speaker in mind for your invitation, please tell us, although we cannot guarantee that they will be able to accept.

Our guidelines

We will try to offer an appropriate speaker for your event. But due to business constraints, we cannot always provide someone. In deciding whether or not to accept a request, we will apply the following guidelines:

  • Before accepting an invitation to speak, we consider if Bramston & Associates is already planning to speak on this subject, including at one of our own events.
  • We accept speaker requests from commercial event organisers only where the event would provide us with an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders that is not otherwise available.
  • When we can offer a speaker, we will usually offer no more then one per event.
  • We accept a speaking request at an overseas location only where the audience and profile justify the time and cost and we can combine it with some other meetings while we are there.

Responding to your request

You will hear directly from our Speaker Request Coordinator whether or not we are able to provide a speaker.  This will be our final decision.

We will accept a complimentary place at the conference in return for speaking. Bramston & Associates speakers should not be offered payment or gifts for their participation.

After the event

It would be useful to receive feedback on the event and our speaker – both from your delegate feedback and your own comments. This will help us to continue to make improvements for future similar events.

Want to know more?

If you have any queries relating to speaker requests, please email