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Earlier, Puntland Council of Ministers have endorsed the report despite it indicated provinces and role of agencies under Somaliland administration, according to the report obtained by GO.

“Parliamentarians were surprised that Minister Abdirashid Hirsi Mohamed, has failed to present a study based on a genuine assessment in Puntland regions. But unfortunately Puntland state, which has been existed for 18 years, has resorted to duplicate it from Somaliland. It contained provinces under Somaliland,” said Puntland MP who spoke to GO under a condition of anonymity.

The book called “Urban Master Planning” and in its page 9, article 1.2.2 it stated: “National City Planning Committee and regional governors are responsible to present plans for the six regions; Maroodi-Jeeh, Togdheer, Sanag Awdal, Sool and Saahil. They are also responsible to review the plan once every 10 years.”

Also in page 12, article 1.3 the book pointed out the role of several agencies that is not relevant to the structure of Puntland administration, such as Ministry of Posts and Communication, Ministry of Minerals and Water, Ministry of Rural Development and National Planning committees.

This has stirred a debate within Puntland Parliament, who some called for a motion against the Minister, whereas others blamed the Council of Ministers for endorsing it without verifying its contents, according to close sources.

Consequently, Puntland MPs agreed to dismiss the report back to the Ministry for a review, and opted to hold further discussions in the forthcoming sessions of the Parliament.

Puntland Parliament has resumed its 39th sessions in last October, but it was reported the ongoing sessions were hindered due to continuous interference from Puntland leadership.

Minister Mohamed, who is in Galkayo city, was blamed earlier to be the mastermind behind the construction of livestock market in Galkyo city that flared up fighting between rivals Galmudug and Puntland recently, however, the Minister hasn’t release any statement in connection to the allegation of “scam” report released by his Ministry

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