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About 6,000 LDUs are currently being trained to help the security forces curb crime following a wave of high-profile murders. Critics have memories of the last time a civilian militia existed. Some of its members were accused of abusing their positions, and becoming criminals themselves.

LDUs are expected to patrol neighbourhoods, pass on intelligence to police, and give them back-up when they are dealing with incidents of crime. Recruits are being promised a monthly salary of 200,000 Uganda shillings ($50; £40). There is an enormous queue – typical of any recruitment drive in a country where there is a shortage of jobs.

Soldiers are spearheading the recruitment process, weeding out those who do not have the right paperwork. The hopefuls are put through a physical test, including a run of 4km (2.5 miles). Security Minister Elly Tumwiine told the LDUs would “be accountable to the army and work alongside the police”. “It is a joint operation,” he added.